COVAXIN Indias first covid 19 vaccine

Here's what you need to know about COVAXIN

COVAXIN Indias first covid 19 vaccineIndia's first COVID-19 vaccine, COVAXIN is finally on the headlines all over the world. The vaccine has been successfully developed by the Hyderabad based biotech company Bharat Biotech in association with ICMR ( Indian Council of Medical Research) and NIV ( National Institute of Virology).

NIV, which is located in Pune is a part of ICMR and was previously known as 'Virus Research Center' came into existence in 1952 and later called as National Institute of Virology in 1978.

As per sources it was seen that NIV has successfully isolated the SARS- Cov- 2 virus  in pune and transferred it to Bharat Biotech.

The vaccine is believed to be a inactivated and indigenous manufactured in their Hyderabad based laboratory in Bio-Safety Level 3 high containment facility.

The company has submitted its results on its pre clinical  studies which demonstrated the safety for use and the immune response given to the Central board of Drug Control Organisation, India and the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has approved to begin further clinical trails on humans of phase 1 and phase 2 respectively.

COVAXIN Indias first covid 19 vaccine

Dr.Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director of Bharat Biotech has also shared his joy stating "We are proud to announce the test for COVAXIN , India's first indigeneous vaccine against COVID-19 with collaboration with ICMR and NIV on humans has been approved by DCGI. Our R&D team has worked tirelessly for this project to provide the vaccine as fast as possible."

Dr Ella also talking to Times of India told about the trials on animals was successful and had also followed the guidelines of WHO and guidelines of India.It was reported to be immunogenic and safe in all tested animals and are looking forward for positive results from human trails also.

The human trail is expected to begin from July 2020 onwards.

Besides COVAXIN, he also revealed that they are simultaneously working on nasal drops CoroFlu for COVID-19 virus. This vaccine is with joint collaboration with American Researchers of University of Wisconsin,Madison. They are also leading a project sanctioned by CSIR to develop monoclonal antbodies as theraphy for COVID-19 infection.

 In past decades, Bharat Biotech is also renowned to have developed vaccines for Rabies, Rota virus, Polio, Zika,Japanese Encephalitis,and Chikungunya. Their excellent track records of innovation includes about 140 global patents and wide product portfolio of 16 vaccines.

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